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Posted:  12 Jul 2014 05:57
i see up to every six days  i need it so that i can select every 10 days.. is that possible?
Posted:  12 Jul 2014 18:19
Hi there,

This can be done. A straightforward software change is needed. We've tested it for you and it works fine.
A number of texts (seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth) have to be added to the language files.
It would be easier if you could send us your email address (via the Contact Us page), so that we can mail you the software change and the texts to be added to the language file.
Posted:  16 Jul 2014 14:51

Just an idea for repeat frequency, rather than hard code the change for the number of days a field setting where a person can set the number.

For example, I give blood every 6 weeks and in LuxCal I can select every sixth week, what if it happened to be seven or eight it's not an option. To have a drop list with them all would be too long. Replace the drop list with a text field for the number to be entered so I can enter any number.

Kind Regards,
"Little Guy"
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Posted:  16 Jul 2014 23:16   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

Good idea! Thanks.
Done, change  implemented. This will be available in the next LuxCal release.

Kind regards,
Posted:  18 Sep 2015 11:18

Is it possible to repeat an event on every workday (Mon-Fri)? Now I must use "Repeat every 1 week" and copy that event to every workday. It's hard to modify an event series because you must do it five times.