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Posted:  23 Jun 2014 14:58
I think about start using the LuxCal but I wanna know more about some options. Can any of users tell me, can I:
-Have a few callendars at a time. For example, one calendar for my free time, and other to work stuff.
-Can I add event if any event already exist in this same time.
-Is it complicate to using multiuser calendar. For example, one callendar for all my friends to adding events.
-Did anyone know, hot to synchronized LuxCal with my calendar app on Android
If anyone know answers, I'll be realy grateful, for helpsmile
Posted:  24 Jun 2014 22:42   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Natalia,
I know the answers wink
- There are tools available to create multiple calendars, which are independent calendars sharing the same database.
- The calendar doesn't check on event overlap, so you can have several events at the same time.
- The calendar has been designed for multiuser support; you can create user accounts for individual users with - if you want - different access rights (view only, post/edit events, etc.). You can also give for instance 'view only' rights to users which are not logged in (public view). You can also allow users to register themselves.
- The LuxCal calendar can export events in iCal format (.ics file). This file can be imported into your Android device.

Very soon we will release a calendar version using the SQLite database (which is easier to install) with some new functions. One of these new functions is 'user groups', which can be useful if you have a number of different users or groups of users. Per group you can define specific rights and a list of available event categories.