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Posted:  20 Jun 2014 21:36
I brought this up some time ago but thought I would throw this out there. For calendars that are local locations don't really enter into it.

We can now have multiple calendars within a single database, handy for doing multiple locations. The only drawback is the user portion isn't shared so if I want to post in multiple locations if registration is required I now have to register in each one.

I know there is SSO, which I've never managed to get to work, say we have retirement homes across the country where we have open houses, it would be nice if with a single registration I can post in any of the calendars or if like categories they was a separate selection for locations.

I think the first option would be the most flexible but perhaps more difficult to program.

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Posted:  17 Aug 2014 18:48   Last Edited By: curtisroberts
I don't think it is necessary.