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Posted:  01 Jun 2014 19:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
For the new SQLite version of LuxCal we're looking for beta testers.
Apart from using the SQLite database (via the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension), this version has a number of interesting new features, for example 'user groups' which make it possible to specify the user rights and the available event categories per group of users.
A toolbox is included with an improved tool set, for instance to import LuxCal 3.x backup files in this new LuxCal version 4.1.0L

If you are interested in this new LuxCal version and have some spare time, you're very welcome to join the team of beta testers and help us to make this new LuxCal calendar version a stable and bug-free product.

You can use the Contact Us page to contact us.

Thanks in advance,
Posted:  20 Jun 2014 21:59
Hi Roel,

Quick question on 4.1.0 when it's released. I noticed in your one post I think you said with SQLite MySQL won't be needed. Will people have an option or when they upgrade will the database be migrated to SQLite?

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  20 Jun 2014 23:46   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

Correct. LuxCal 4.1.0L is not using MySQL anymore.
Migrating the database (MySQL -> SQLite) is not done automatically because we want to be sure users know what they're doing.
However, not only the calendar, but also the toolbox has been improved significantly and has an option to import a LuxCal 3.x database backup file in the SQLite database.

So migrating is easy, but not automatic smile
Posted:  23 Jun 2014 09:27
I haven't been using LuxCal since sometime in January; I finally broke down and bought a smart phone and for my use the calendar app on that, synchronized with Google Calendar, works well.  It also serves up my calendar entries as my alarm clock and allows access to anyone I choose.  That's why you haven't seen me around much anymore.  :(

This is the first I've heard of the migration to SQLite.  All my PHP apps work with MySQL, but one of them won't work with SQLite.  So I'd have to run two databases to switch LuxCal to SQLite.  I'm not sure I want to go that route - at least not with my current hardware/software setup.

However, I am curious.  Why the change to SQLite?
Posted:  23 Jun 2014 11:18
Ahh, finally found it:

It's amazing what a little searching comes up with, eh?  So now I understand why you're switching to SQLite, but I have a different question.  Will you have MySQL and a SQLite versions, or are you doing away with supporting MySQL altogether?  Or do you have plans to write one version which encompasses both MySQL and SQLite support?  (phpBB is one example of a script which uses multiple database options - the user tells the script which database type to use via a config file.)
Posted:  23 Jun 2014 13:09   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Gork,
Good to hear from you again!

Why SQLite?
There are two main reasons:
1. SQLite fits well in our aim to keep the calendar simple. For quite a number of users MySQL (setting up , configuring) is a difficult hurdle to take.
2. As of PHP 5.5 the MySQL extension is deprecated and users are urged to migrate to PDO (see below).

For the SQLite version of LuxCal I'm using the PHP PDO (PHP Data Objects) extension, which is a flexible extension supporting different databases (with only minimal changes). Along with the migration to SQLite I introduced many minor and a couple of major improvements and my plans are to first release LuxCal PDO (SQLite) and then to migrate LuxCal MySQL to LuxCal PDO (MySQL).

So, eventually there will be two calendar version, i.e. LuxCal PDO (SQLite) and LuxCal PDO (MySQL) with the same functionality, which only differ marginally.
If I can make this one version encompassing both MySQL and SQLite, where the user - during the installation - can choose the database type (like phpBB) I will probably do so. As long as I can keep the installation process simple.

Posted:  27 Jun 2014 03:41
Thanks!  I'm always very interested in your direction going forward.  And you're always chock-full of information...  I think my phpBB installation is using pdo_mysql, and since I don't know much about such things when I upgraded to the version of phpBB which used PDO I just crossed my fingers and hoped it would work without me having to delve into it.  And it did.  Whew!  Or, maybe I'm just making that story up - I'm kinda' old after all.
Posted:  28 Jun 2014 15:19   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Come on Gork, 28 ain't old wink
Posted:  29 Jun 2014 02:06
28...  Hmm...  That was the year I decided to just pack up all my belongings and move to Alaska.  SURPRISE!  Best decision of my life.  I question whether the decision ten years later to leave was as sound though...
Posted:  21 Jul 2014 11:08
I took bigger challenge
Posted:  22 Jul 2014 00:01
Current iterations of phpBB appear to be using MySQLi, not PDO.  When you're wrong you gotta' step forward and admit it, after all!

I assume you wouldn't want to use MySQLi because if you use PDO it can be used for both SQLite *and* MySQL, correct?  You wouldn't have to write and keep up with a majority of the db code twice?  And it would be able to use multiple database programs instead of just MySQL?
Posted:  22 Jul 2014 23:16   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Gork,

All your assumptions are correct! There will still remain some differences, but - exactly as you've worded it - I wouldn't have to write and keep up with a majority of the db code twice.
So the priorities are as follows:
1: Release LuxCal 4.1.0 using PHP Data Objects (PDO) for the SQLite database, with quite some new features and improvements. It will be released shortly  (it's actually ready, but I can't find the time to adapt the LuxSoft site to facilitate the downloading of both versions 3.2.3 and 4.1.0 ).
2: Upgrade LuxCal 3.2.3 to the same level as 4.1.0, using PHP Data Objects (PDO) for the MySQL database.
Posted:  22 Jul 2014 23:46
Thanks...  I wanted to make sure I understood things correctly after doing a little research.  I only have a very basic understanding of such things.

Odd thing, even though I previously explained that I've started using Google Calendar sync'd to my "new" smartphone since it can double as my alarm clock as well, I'm still keeping LuxCal updated!  I'm not sure why...  Even though I'm not actively using it anymore I just love it.  LOVE IT!