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Posted:  05 May 2014 16:33
Using version 3.2.1 and calendar is hosted on a GODaddy Linux server and has been working fine for 2 years but recently it stopped sending the email notifications when a change was made.

Hadn't changed setting since installing this version.

Looks like it stopped working after March 31, 2014.

Any clues of what to do to get it to send the changes emails again again?


ps: Maybe you could be the version number in the status line by the "Powered by LuxSoft"
Posted:  06 May 2014 10:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jim,

The report with calendar changes is triggered via a cronjob which you defined (2 years ago). I'm not sure, but I think you should start looking in the direction of this cronjob. The script 'lcalcron.php' and the scripts in the cronjobs folder are not sending out any data with the text "Powered by LuxSoft" with the version number, so I don't think this is causing the problem.

You mention "email notifications when a change was made"; so do you still receive the admin summary report and the normal email reminders?
Posted:  06 May 2014 14:55

Concerning the "Powered by LuxSoft" comment that was a suggestion to add the version on that line, not the problem.

No I am not receiving any email summary reports or reminders.

Posted:  06 May 2014 15:12   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hover over the 'P' of 'Powered by . . ." wink (Don't tell anybody!)
In the past some users complained that the version of the calendar was displayed on the main page. I looked what other software applications did and got the impression that showing the version on the main page was "not done"; so I removed it.
The version is shown if you are logged in as admin and view the Help window, and in the last couple of LuxCal versions when you open the admin's Settings page. And - as said before - when you hover the . . . but nobody is supposed to know this.

Do you have a log file on your server with PHP error/warning messages? Have a look if there is something in there. Or perhaps a log file with cronjob errors.
But since it worked fine the last two years, it's hard to believe that all of a sudden software errors occur.
Did your ISP maybe recently upgrade to a newer PHP version?

Posted:  07 May 2014 00:30
I am wondering if GoDaddy changed versions of PHP.
You use to have a file that would give you all the information, is that tool still available.

I check and none of the Luxcal files have changed since January 2014.

Posted:  08 May 2014 14:08
It might have been administrator (me) error because I discovered that lcalcron.php was missing in the root folder.

Is there a way to run the cron job at will, for example if I want to run it to see if it works right now?

Posted:  09 May 2014 08:52
Ah, good you found the problem!
Yes you can start lcalcron.php via  your browser, but then you first should edit the file and 'comment out' (2 slashes) line 48.

Posted:  09 May 2014 14:01
Did you mean "/*" on line 48 and "*/" at the end of line 48?

Looks like it runs but produces no reports.

Would upgrading to latest release be any help?

Posted:  09 May 2014 21:02
Hi Jim,

Yes, that's fine; you can also add two slashes (//) at the start of the line (same effect).

A blank page without error/warning message means the lcalcron.php script did run. Why it doesn't produce any reports is hard to say without further analyses.

Upgrading to the latest release is always a good idea, unless you've made changes to the scripts. But if reminders and reports always worked and now suddenly don't work any more, there must be an external factor influencing the behavior. In this case there no guarantee that upgrading will solve the problem. If I were you, I would back up the database (admin's database page) and upgrade.
Posted:  10 May 2014 15:15
Upgraded to latest version and manually ran the cron job and set the look back to 30 days and still no e-mails.

Does PHP mail produce a log?

Posted:  10 May 2014 20:35
I don't think PHP mail produces a user-accessible log.
Providers can block PHP mail for individual users, for instance for users who send too many emails (spam).
So far I've heard only once or twice that an ISP blocked PHP mail for LuxCal users. Although this seems unlikely in your situation, you might ask you ISP if your PHP mail has been blocked.

If you don't find a solution to the problem, I can create a lcalcron.php file for you with a few test entries which we can use to further analyze what goes wrong.
Posted:  11 May 2014 04:30
I got it to work quite by accident, I changed the Calendar email address to my hotmail one from my yahoo one and ran the cron job manually and almost immediately I received the Cron job summary & the Change log report.

I'll see if it works over night and try to switch it back to yahoo and see if it works like it use to.

Posted:  11 May 2014 09:52
Hi Jim,
Ok,that sounds good! Let me know the outcome.
If the lcalcron.php scripts has difficulties with certain email addresses, I want to do something about it.
Posted:  12 May 2014 03:21
Just tried reseting it to my Yahoo email and it didn't work.  Switched to my Gmail and it worked.

I has to be something between GoDaddy and Yahoo mail that is causing it not to work because lcalcron hasn't changed.

If you have a debug script you want me to try let me know.

Yahoo just changed something about their privacy stuff a week ago I saw in the news headlines but I didn't read the article.

Posted:  12 May 2014 17:14
Any of you who are using a yahoo email address to send the change report from PHP in your calendar are affected by it
"Yahoo changed its DMARC authentication policy to reject emails that claim to come from but actually originate at non-Yahoo servers. "

Your reports will not be sent and you won't get any error notifications.

Change to a non-Yahoo or AOL email to send reports.