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LuxCal Forum / LuxCal / What's New / LuxCal 3.2.3 Released: 2014.05.05
Posted:  30 Apr 2014 19:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
This LuxCal version solves a few minor problems and includes a few minor improvements. If you're happy with your LuxCal version 3.2.2, there is no real need to upgrade.

(Please note: The SQLIte calendar version is in it's final stage, beta testing will start shortly. If you prefer using an SQLite database rather than a MySQL database, you may want to wait for the SQLite LuxCal version.)

- At the end of the question 'Do you want to edit the series or this occurrence?' the date of the occurrence has been added.
- For the radio buttons and check boxes on all pages <label>-tags have been added, so that the user can click either the button/check box or the associated label.
- Width of the 'repeat box' in the Event window made variable. It was too small for some languages.
- Danish language pack updated / completed by Finn.
- French language pack updated by GĂ©rard.

Bug fixes
- The bug in the function 'unregisterGlobals' which caused problems when register_globals are enabled in the PHP installation has been Corrected.
- In the RSS <link> and <guid> elements, when the calendar URL ends with '?cal=...', the next parameter (e.g. cD) must start with an '&amp;' rather than with a '?'
- On the Search page, setting the focus 'on load' to the search text field didn't work.
- When exporting iCal events, before exporting, the character set conversion (iconv) from UTF-8 to ASCII of the UID string was missing.
- In the mini calendar and the stand-alone sidebar calendar the hover box was not working properly because of HTML validation errors (New Line character within div-tag - generated by MakeE).
- Several 'undefined variables' solved.
- Transliteration of mail subject fields and file names improved.