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Posted:  24 Apr 2014 12:48
Is there a way to add more fields into the event window shown in calendar? So that there is not just title of the event in the window, but maybe event place too.
Posted:  27 Apr 2014 10:45
Hi David,

A minor program change is needed to achieve this. Edit the file views/month.php as follows:

At the end of line 58 replace . . .


by . . .

{$evt['tit']}".($evt['ven'] ? '<br>'.$evt['ven'] : '')."</span>

Use cut & paste to be sure to get the quotes right.
Posted:  28 Apr 2014 08:33
Posted:  10 Jun 2014 10:22
Hi Roel

Related to this question: I want to display the category in the calendar view, next to the title.  For example: if my categories are "Dept. 1" "Dept. 2" etc. I want the calendar to display "Dept. 1: Name" where I use name in the place of title.

Is the change made in the same line as described above?

Posted:  13 Jun 2014 09:26
Hi Riaan,

Yes, you are right, same line (views/month.php line 58), replace . . .

{$time} {$evt['tit']}</span>

by . . .

{$time} {$evt['cnm']}: {$evt['tit']}</span>

Posted:  15 Jun 2014 12:39
Thanks Roel!  The calendar has always been awesome but it's now even better!