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Posted:  13 Apr 2014 12:22

how about the auto update -feature; if you are on the main calendar page, it will update for example every 30 secs. If you are any of the child pages, the auto update is disabled. Or some mark in the database (general last modified -field that stores timestamp when someone modified any data) and if that is different than the stored (eg. in javascript variable) one, we'll refresh the calendar page.


If you have the main page open and someone else add/edit an event (on the other machine), you must manually refresh the calendar to see the changes.

Posted:  14 Apr 2014 18:37
Hello again Janne,

It's a thought. But I'm not sure many users leave the calendar open for a long time. Nobody else asked for this kind of feature.

Posted:  15 Apr 2014 23:07
I also asked for this feature, I just added php header refresh to my page every 5 mins seems to be working okay.