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Posted:  08 Apr 2014 15:20
I have the problem that the 2 buttons Back and Forward are not showing.
The buttons are in the right directory ( arroml and arrowr )
I tried many things, but still not showing, only black square boxes with a cross.
What can I try to fix this?
Posted:  08 Apr 2014 17:27
Hi there,
Nobody ever reported this problem. This must be a local HTML problem.
If you have a look at the source of the webpage, you will find "<img src="images/arrowl.png" alt="back"></a>" and "<img src="images/arrowr.png" alt="forward"></a>". This is normal HTML and should work.

Send me the URL of your calendar and I will analyze the problem.
If public users in your calendar have no read access, you need to create a temp user for me with at least read access, so that I can go to for instance Month view and see the arrows.
Posted:  09 Apr 2014 20:12

Here is the URL:
Posted:  09 Apr 2014 22:03
Hi Santina,

I had a look and when I tried to force the display of the images arrowl.png and arrowr.png I got the following error message:
The image "view-source:" cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

So somewhere during the upload process both images apparently have been "changed". Could you try to display the images on your local computer and if they display ok, upload them anew to the calendar's "images/" folder on the server and see if this solved the problem.
Posted:  10 Apr 2014 08:25   Last Edited By: Santina1
Thanks very much !
It works now biggrin