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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / How can I delete this 3 Buttons in Public Calendar page ? URGENT Help needed
Posted:  06 Apr 2014 11:46

I just installed the caledar.  Yes a wonderful script.

But I need to delete this 3 Buttons shown near the login Button:

1. Print
2. Search
3. Help

In which files I have to delete that?
I was looking in all files.  I dont find anything.
Somewhere in one of the Header pages???

I dont want them on the public view page.

Can someone help me please??????

Posted:  07 Apr 2014 18:41   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Norbert,

If you want no header at all, just add '?hdr=0' to the calendar URL.
If you just want to remove these three buttons, edit the file 'canvas/header1.php as follows:
Delete or comment out ('//' at the start of the line) the following lines of code:
- line 69 (starting with 'echo "<button type='button' title=\"{$xx['hdr_print_page']}\"')
- line 94 (starting with 'echo "<button type='button' title=\"{$xx['hdr_search']}\"')
- line 98 (starting with 'echo "<button type='button' title=\"{$xx['hdr_help']}\"')

Posted:  10 Apr 2014 08:41
Great Roel - thats working fine.

At least I wanna delete is the "Date input field" and the Button beside right    <---

The Option-Button I still need
Posted:  10 Apr 2014 08:53
Hi Roel

forget my last Question.  Its allready done.

But I have another problem  smile

I forgot to konfigure the Mail Server in the Admin Panel.
I just wanted to Login again after 3 day but do not remember the right pass smile  dont laugh  smile

So if I want to let send the calender a new password to me it does not work cause no mail server was konfigured.

Is it possible that I can reset the admin login to the very first login?
Or can I edit a field in the SQL database?

Posted:  10 Apr 2014 20:28   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Norbert,

In the users table of the MySQL database set the password of the user with user_id = 2 to 'ca79e0713dd3d6aae4664e6aac90ad8c'.
Thereafter the password of the admin user will be 'luxcal'.