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Posted:  31 Mar 2014 16:01
I would like to integrate LuxCAL into my listing site. Was wondering if one, can luxcal be seamlessly integrated (no iframe) and two, can luxcal be tweaked or is there a module that can be added to search the locations/zip codes.
Also, Is there different categories to search from?

I'm just starting out...
Posted:  02 Apr 2014 10:40
Hi there,

Integrate LuxCal
To integrate LxCal in an existing web site, there are tree options:
1. Ingrate the full calendar, which means the calendar will be loaded in am iframe
2. Integrate a mini calendar, which is also included in an iframe, and
3. Add the so called stand-alone side bar with either Upcoming Events or a 'To Do' list. This side bar is contained in a HTML div-statement and doesn't need an iframe.
Examples of how these option look can be found on the LuxCal Demo page.

Search on location/zip codes
LuxCal has a search function, which allows you to search on any individual field, including 'venue', and on any combination of fields. Wildcards can be used.

Tweaking LuxCal
Three possibilities:
1. The full calendar version as well as the stand-alone side bar have a 'themes' file where you can tailor the user interface (colors, fonts, etc.) to your needs.
2. LuxCal has an administrator Settings page where many things can be customized, e.g. Date/time formats, layout of the displayed events, layout of the various views, and many more.
3. If you have sufficient knowledge of PHP, you can of course add and/or change functionality by editing the PHP scripts.

Different categories to search from
As said before LuxCal has an extensive search capability, which allows to search individual event fields, like e.g. category.
On top of this, via the Options Panel, the user can select one, more or all event categories, which results in the display in the various calendar views of only the events matching the selected category / categories.