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Posted:  13 Mar 2014 22:52
Gérard has updated and completed the French language pack for LuxCal 3.2.2 and was so kind to send us a copy.

Thank you Gérard!
Posted:  28 Mar 2014 22:33   Last Edited By: Mustapha
Hello Roel,
Sorry for my broken English with a fork. Here, I just installed the calendar and of course the first thing I did was put in French. So my questions:
1) The left button "done" is not translated. What can I do file modification?
2) The public can not see the yearly calendar when he clicks on the button to the left button (the one that replaces "done")
3) Is it possible to adjust the calendar to the site? If there is there a tutorial?
Thank you and congratulations
Posted:  30 Mar 2014 18:45
Hello Mustapha,

1) A minute ago I've added to the LuxSoft Downloads page an updated French language pack. If you download this pack, unzip it and copy the files to your calendar's "lang/" folder, the the "Done" button will also be translated.
2) I'm sorry, but I don't understand this question sad
3) You can customize the calendar's user interface (colors, fonts, etc.) by editing the file 'css/lctheme.php'.