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Posted:  12 Mar 2014 22:05
Due to a bug, the hover box with event details doesn't show in the mini-calendar and in the stand-alone sidebar.
If you are using either the mini-calendar or the stand-alone sidebar and if you want the event details to show on mouse-over, send us an email and we will mail you an update with the fix.

Posted:  07 Aug 2014 12:49
Hello There,
I am having a same problem about "Hover box problem in mini-calendar and stand-alone sidebar" when I try to mouse-over the events details doesn't show on my full calendar, mini calendar and stand alone sidebar, the version that I am using is LuxCal 3.2.3.

Thank you
Posted:  09 Aug 2014 19:44
Hi There,

In LuxCal 3.2.3 this problem has been fixed, so this surprises me.
Could you send me the URL of page with your mini-calendar and stand-alone sidebar (via the Contact Us page).
This would help me to analyze the problem.