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LuxCal Forum / General / Problems / New session remembers last date shown (and filters, too)
Posted:  03 Mar 2014 00:40
I have de-selected the option 'Restore last user session', but every time I return to the calendar, it remembers which date I showed last time, and shows the (default) month view starting at this date.

This can be confusing, when users expect to open the calendar at today's date.

The "stickyness" also applies to the filters, which can be even more confusing, if after some time I return and forgot, that I filtered the calendar on my last visit.

I found an old 2011 post concerning this issue, but I assumed the new version would handle this according to the appropriate setting?

Calendar is in an iframe, but this issue is the same if shown in full window, and also the same whether I work as logged in user or in Public View. Honda CX-Club Danmark calendar

It DOES reset the view to default (month) in my new session, but it doesn't reset to todays date and the filters.

Any ideas?
Posted:  05 Mar 2014 15:00
Hi Finn,

The option 'Restore last user session' affects the "long" term restoring of the last user selections. By long term I mean longer than one hour, up to several days or weeks.
The point is that when the calendar is started, a PHP session is started. PHP sessions remain active for some 30 - 60 minutes, depending on the PHP installation parameters, which means that under all circumstances the user selections (page, language, filters, etc.) will remain valid for at least 30 minutes after the calendar is closed (maybe this has confused you?.
Only if the option 'Restore last user session' was selected, the user selections will remain valid for a longer period.
Posted:  07 Mar 2014 00:37
Hi Roel,

I had tested this while waiting over one hour, in order to see if the parameters were reset. And after more than one hour, the options selected were still in place.
Now I have done another test, waiting 24 hours, and this time the selections WERE reset. So apparently, the session is kept for more than one hour, but less than a full day. I guess that is working as designed after all.

Sorry cool

Best regards