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Posted:  02 Mar 2014 23:57
I was considering to use the option to show month name in each day cell in the monthly view. This would make the area to click for a day view slightly bigger and easier to "hit".

However, this option doesn't seem to work. With or without the option checked makes no difference, only the day number is shown. Month name is shown only for the first day of view and first day of each new month.

This is on a newly installed LuxCal 3.2.1.

Any ideas?

Btw, this is really a very, very, very nice calendar! Thank you Roel!
Posted:  03 Mar 2014 14:40   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Finn,
I'm happy you find the calendar very nice wink

I could not reproduce your problem with the three-letter month name in each day cell in Month view. On our test sites it all works as expected. In the demo calendar (LuxCal Demo) I've activated the month name and -as you can see -  it is shown.

Could it be that you implemented some changes to the calendar scripts, which are causing this problem?
If you want, I can have a closer look at your site, but then you will have to send me the URL and create a user with admin rights for me.

Posted:  04 Mar 2014 22:52
Hi Roel,

Thanks for the quick reply and your offer, but it may not be necessary after all.
We actually run a clean install with the files downloaded from your site, no custom coding.

I noticed one difference in your demo calendar and my settings, namely the "Weeks to show in Month view". You display a fixed number of weeks, and I have used the setting 1 (to display exactly one month and include events on leading and trailing dates).

I just tried to change my setting to 5 weeks, and voila - the month names display just fine.
Seems that with the special values 0 and 1, something goes wrong on the Display month name function.
If I am right, you should be able to reproduce this on your test/demo.

I prefer the setting 1, so if you eventually come up with a fix for this, I would very much like to know which file to replace when the fix becomes available.

Posted:  05 Mar 2014 13:30   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Finn,

You were right! Thanks for reporting this bug.
I've sent you an email with the  updated month.php file with the fix.

Posted:  05 Mar 2014 19:52
Hi Roel,

I got it and it works like a charm.

Thanks a lot