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Posted:  02 Mar 2014 17:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.
In this LuxCal version the event templates to define the event fields and the order of the fields to be displayed in the various views and hover boxes has been significantly improved. Hover boxes can be enabled/disabled per view.

- There are now three separate event templates, which can be set on the admin's Settings page to define the fields to be displayed for an event: One general template for most of the pages, one for the Upcoming events page and one for the hover box with event details in the various views. The hover box can now be enabled/disabled for each of the views (year, month, day/week and upcoming) individually.
- Now that a dedicated event template has been added to the admin's Settings page for the Upcoming events view (see above), a hover box has been added to the Upcoming events view. If the hover box template doesn't contain additional fields w.r.t. the fields in the Upcoming event template, the hover box will be disabled.
- Reminders for multi-day events will only be sent for the first day. One the specified number of days before the first day and one on the first day. Rather than two events for each day, which was too many.
- Danish language pack updated / completed by Finn.
- Romanian language pack updated by Laurentiu.

Bug fixes
- SSO wasn't working correctly because the session_name was not set to the default "PHPSESSID".
- Mobile devices with a limited screen size were not properly handled.
- When importing events, the time part of the date and time added and date and time last modified was not added to the database fields.
- The regex to test the calendar URL has been refined to accept 'localhost' followed by one or more sub-folders.