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Posted:  22 Feb 2014 11:38

I have LuxCal installed, and use it very much. Thanks for this great web based app!

My question is about this. for example: I have 3 users:
1: Henk
2: Dave
3: Ad-min

I am number 3, so i can change all activities.
But i want that user 1 can see and change the activities of 1 and 2. Not mine ( 3 )

Is this possible by settings or changing some value in the SQL database?

Posted:  22 Feb 2014 19:51
Hello Mark-Johan,

The only possibility to achieve this is to enter all your events as "private" (check box in the Event window).
Private events can only be viewed by the owner of the event.

If you are using LuxCal 3.2.1, then there is another possibility, which is kind of misusing the approval mechanism. It goes as follows:
- create an event category, e.g. called 'admin', and check the 'Events need approval' check box.
- now if you create events in this 'admin' category, the events will not be visible to other users until someone with at least 'manager' rights has approved the event.
- if you give nobody manager rights, and don't approve the events yourself, they will never become visible to other users.
- a disadvantage might be that events to be approved will always be shown with a red bar in the left margin.

Without modifying the program I don't see an other solution.