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Posted:  13 Feb 2014 18:43
Can anyone explain the process for changing the displayed field labels on the event window? For instance, changing the "Extra Field 1" to something more meaningful. I am not particularly bothered about changing the database field name itself, only how it displays on the form for viewing/editing events.

Thanks in advance!
Posted:  14 Feb 2014 19:45
Hi there,

It goes as follows:
If you want to use the extra field 1 and/or the extra field 2, then on the admin's Settings page, under Events . . .
- in the fields "Extra field x label"you can give a meaningful name to each field
- thereafter in the field "Event template" you can add the figures 4 and/or 5 to enable Extra field 1 and/or Extra field 2 respectively. The place of the figures 4 and/or 5 in the template determines at what position - in relation to the other fields - the Extra fields will be displayed in the various calendar views.

That's all there is.