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Posted:  13 Feb 2014 17:04

looking to try and make a bit of a change to the event details pop up window. i'd like to input some logic so that if a user is looking at an event from a specific category (like trainings/webinars) then at the bottom of the event description it would automatically add the sign up link at the end without having to individually type it out in the description.

i know how to build the logic to create the dynamic link and all of that, i basically just need to know where the event popup is generated from and if there's a way to retrieve the event name and category during the execute. it doesn't need to display on the edit version of the event popup, just the display version for visitors. hopefully that makes sense. i can't show you an example because it's an internal calendar.
Posted:  13 Feb 2014 21:13
My apologies Roel, I found the file that produces this pop and have implemented what I needed. Thanks anyways!
Posted:  14 Feb 2014 12:13
Ok, great!