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Posted:  10 Feb 2014 21:47   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel,

I'd like to say thanks for the excellent calendar software. It is a dream to use and customize.

1. I would like to use the mini calendar as a booking calendar.

2. Say a potential client visits the site and sees the mini calendar, they can see what days have been booked already but they wouldn't be able to see the details as they would have been set by one of my employees internally and would be considered private.

3. I would like to be able to have the client click on a day and have the event details come up asking for name, email, address, time and description of the event/meeting. That time slot for the day would then be booked tentatively until confirmed by an employee and then it would be set. An email would have been sent out to the client via their provided email and all would be set.

Is this scenario possible with the latest version?

4. Also I've run into an issue with Public being able to modify the events they create after submitting them. This obviously won't work if other people can modify the event after a time is picked. Would it be possible to have the Public user only able to create but not modify or delete the event?

5. Lastly with Single Sign On, the mini calendar creates a new SESSION under the for the Public account even though I've set the lcUser session ID after logging in. I believe it stems from being in an iFrame but I've not confirmed this yet.

Thanks for the excellent calendar and your support if you are able to assist me.


Posted:  11 Feb 2014 12:20   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Devin,

I've numbered the different points in your post, to make it easier to react . . .

1. Please be aware that the LuxCal calendar was never really meant as a booking calendar. For instance if a user enters an event, it is not checking if the specified time slot is still free; in other words, there is no way to notify the user that the requeted time slot is not available. If you need this, then some rather complicated customization would be needed.

2. So here for the public users the hover box with event details should be suppressed. Details should only be visible to logged in users, or - if the details are really private - maybe only to the person who created the event. This should be no problem.

3. Currently to enter a new event, the user has to click the upper part of a day cell. If the hover box disappears, it could be changed so that the user can click anywhere in a day cell to have the event form come up.
The possibility of tentative bookings is basically already present and can be activated per event category (on the admin's Categories page). This is currently based on logged in user privileges (the originator sees the event, the other users will only see the event after one of your employees with 'manager' rights has approved the event). If this should work for public (not logged in) users it is not possible to distinguish between the originator and "other users" so some changes may be required, depending on your requirements.
Sending an email to the originator when the "manager" confirms the booking is no problem.

4. This should be no problem (minor change). As said above, in this case the full day cell could be made click-able to open the form for a new event. But be aware, that in this case the user has no possibilities to correct a mistake or withdraw a booking.

5. Correct the SSO is based on a calendar in an iframe. The mini calendar is normally also put in an iframe, unless you've customized this. Currently the mini calendar has no possibilities for user self-registration and has no log in capabilities. It was actually designed for public use only. If you want to use SSO with the mini calendar, than I assume the users should have to possibility to register themselves and to log in (in case SSO is by-passed). This could become a bit more complicated.

Before going any further, please give me your views.
If you want to discuss these topics in more detail, it's maybe  easier to use email.
Posted:  11 Feb 2014 18:18
Hi Roel,

I could certainly correspond via e-mail if that would work better.

1. Understood. For our business it would be a very handy feature as we could then have bookings tie in with internal events so we don't double book or improperly enter information when clients are looking to book time with us.

2. Public users would only be able to see that the time slot is unavailable for booking and if they open the event window that time slot is also unavailable to be selected. Details of the event would then be private to internal employees only until the user who submitted the request signed in to view the booking. It is our intention to create an account based on the information provided in the request and provide this to the user upon confirming the booking for the time selected. We have our own login solution that we've used to integrate into LuxCal for this purpose.

3. The full day selection would be ideal to access available time slots.

4. The user must be careful in choosing a time slot however as explained in #2 we intend to create account s for users to login and request changes to current bookings.

5. Currently it is in an iFrame and self registration is not something we are using at this time as the possibility of dead accounts is something I want to avoid. If the client wishes to use our services they will make a booking and to confirm an account will be made for them. Right now using the iFrame actually breaks SSO for us as the public session sometimes gets read before the authenticated session and blocks access to the calendar. Mainly because we're using a session id of our own and simply adding another variable for lcUser and not using the one generated by LuxCal.

I appreciate the in-depth responses and look forward to speaking with you further.