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Posted:  23 Jan 2014 07:26   Last Edited By: Roel B.
In this LuxCal version the way in which the user session data (Option Panel settings) is remembered has been simplified. For each calendar the session data is saved in the database. Via a new setting on the admin's Settings page, the admin can (de)activate the restoring of the user session when the user revisits the calendar at a later stage.

Bug fixes
- Log in and Single Sign On (SSO) instability solved
- Problem that starting a non-existing calendar resulted in an SQL error solved
- On the page where a search is defined, some labels were set for wrong fields
- Check on PHP version removed from index.php and added to upgradexxx.php. No need to check this over and over again
- In the text download version of the upcoming events a <br> was wrongly added to the end of the fields
- When previewing the events to be imported, due to an HTML problem erroneous fields were not highlighted
- Bug with the two new custom fields when importing events. The two fields were not taken into account when adding events to the events table
- Due to a bug, the event time(s) and title were missing at the top of the hover box
- When selecting the Print button in the Event window, the "Help" hyperlinks were printed as well
- If on the admin's Settings page in the event template the event category is not present, then the category will not be displayed, but is still needed and should be entered when adding / editing events
- Because in PHP <5.4 magic quotes are on, the quotes in serialized data in cookies were escaped and had to be removed again when using the cookie data. This caused a mySQL error (unknown calendar) on PHP <5.4 systems
- For private events no notification emails were send and private events were ignored in the periodic admin report with changes