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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Calendar 3.2.0 events privates doesn't send email before event
Posted:  22 Jan 2014 18:06
Hello Roel , I am testing Calendar 3.2.0  when I create private events calendar doesn't send email before event?

Is it normal ?

What I need you to modify to permit that private events can will sent email before event?

When run lcalcron.php  private events are not sent mail

Thank you again
Posted:  22 Jan 2014 21:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello again,

You are again right; this is not correct. Notification emails should also work for private events.
Surprising that nobody else reported this problem before.

The problem has been fixed and will be solved in the next LuxCal version 3.2.1.

Send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) and I will send you the changed files.