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Posted:  22 Jan 2014 11:15
Hi all, I got a warning messasge when I import the CSV file to calendar, Please see below screen shot:

I have reset "max_input_vars = 1000" to  "max_input_vars = 3000" or higher value, then restart the apache server many times(using Xampp server)  but the problem still cannot be solved.

Please help!!!!
Posted:  22 Jan 2014 20:17
We know that when there are too many events in the CSV (or iCal) files, the maximum number of PHP variables that can be open at a time will be exceeded. Because all events are shown on the screen before being imported it is very hard to solve.
Why setting "max_input_vars = 3000" doesn't work I don't know.

I would recommend to limit CSV (and Ical) files to be imported to some 60 events at a time.
Posted:  26 Jan 2014 17:02   Last Edited By: suedebeatles
Hi Roel, Thanks for your reply!

I have fixed the problem, I have just reset the configuration of php.ini as below code:

Uncommand this line(I mean delete the ";" there, I forgot delete.) :

; max_input_vars = 1000
max_input_vars = 3000

*After reset, don't forget restart apache server.

Now it works fine! Magic!! biggrin
Posted:  26 Jan 2014 22:43