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Posted:  20 Jan 2014 07:51
Hello Roel,

I've almost completed my Events page on my website using LuxCal, but I have just a few things more that I would like to tweak and I was wondering if you might be able to help. For the purposes of your advice, I have made my page live for you to understand specifically the context of my questions. You can see it here:

Scroll Bars:
Is it possible to make the iframe vary in size, depending on the content in order to avoid scroll bars (using the parent site's scroll bars only rather than having 2 sets)? I've tried setting the iframe setting to 100% rather than a set pixel frame size, but this is clearly not the only thing I would need to do.

As I'm sure you can gather from the context of the website, the calendar listings are for public viewing and all the info is listed on the page with no reason to see any more info or to be able to edit it. Is it possible to remove the clickablility of the event name. leaving a pure informational list with only links on the websites?

Is it possible there is a small bug in this version (3.2.0) related to categories? I ask because I'd preferably not display categories in this list, however, when I remove categories from being shown in the settings (by removing the "2" in the "Events Template" field), new events will no longer stick in the calendar and any event that I edit disappears. Hopefully you understand the problem I am trying to describe and can advise me on what I should do.

Thank you so much!
Posted:  20 Jan 2014 17:26   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Sam,

Your site looks really great!

Ok, here we go:
Scroll Bars:
Resizing the iframe to match its content size can only be done via JavaScript. The point is that from inside the iframe you can't change its size, so it must be done on your parent page where the iframe is embedded. But the resizing depends on the content of the iframe (kind of chicken and egg problem). Therefore Javascript is need.

Your iframe statement should look as follows:
<iframe id="luxcal" onload="resizeMe()" src=""></iframe>
and to the head section of your page you should add a JavaScript function called "resizeMe()" to resize the iframe.
What this function should look like is hard to say, without extensive testing. You will find an example in the first answer at the following web page

A minor program change is required. In the file views/upgrade.php on line 48 the part onclick=\"editE({$evt['eid']},'{$date}');\" should be removed, so the line should look like:
echo "<h6>{$chBox}<span class='point'{$eStyle}>{$evt['tit']}</span></h6>\n";

You are right, this is a bug sad
If a user removes the "2", then the event category should not be displayed, but when adding / editing events the category should still be entered.
I will send you a fix by email.