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Posted:  18 Jan 2014 19:46

I thought this question had been asked before, but it seems that it was slightly different than what I was looking for. I am hoping to be able to place the following calendar ( on a webpage that has a textured background. Is it possible to have the calendar's background be transparent in order to simply see text on the textured background?

Thank you,
Posted:  18 Jan 2014 22:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Sam,

This depends on how you want to "place" the calendar on your web page. Assuming you will put the calendar in a <iframe>, there are three layers that should be made transparent:
1. The iframe itself
If the iframe is not transparent, you will never see the texture of the parent page within the iframe.
So you should add a class to the iframe and make the corresponding style in your parent pages style sheet transparent
2. The calendar style "body" on line 27 of the calendar's css (file: css/css.php)
This is the whole calendar page, including header (not present in your case) and footer.
3. the calendar style "eventBg" on line 155 of the calendar's css (file: css/css.php)
This is the background area where the events are displayed. In your case this is the black area.

I've not tested this, but I think you have to make all three levels transparent.

You can make a style transparent by adding opacity:0.4; filter:alpha(opacity=40); to the style.
If it works you should play around with the "0.4" and the"40" which should always correspond (so 0.2/20 or 0.6/60 and so on).

A good starting point might be to make the first two of the above layers fully transparent ( opacity:0; filter:alpha(opacity=0); ) and then experiment with the level of opacity of the third layer.

Good luck and let us know if it works please.
Posted:  20 Jan 2014 07:36
Hello Roel,

Thank you so much: it worked like a charm. Everything is looking great, but at the risk of asking too much, I have just a few more questions I'd like to ask, which I will do so in a separate thread to maintain the integrity of the forum subject headings. Thank you again so much!