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Posted:  30 Dec 2013 19:29
biggrin First of all: This calendar is awsome!!!!!!!!

As I'm configuring the the calendar I was wondering if there is a way to Link to the calender and set the category that should be shown when calender loads via the submitted URL?

I searched the forum 4 this but I did not find anything so I apologize if this has been answered anywhere!

Thanx in advance for replies! thump_up
Posted:  30 Dec 2013 22:00   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Yes, this can be done as follows:
For instance if you want to show events in category 6 only (6 is the sequence number on the categories page):
In your link add to the calendar URL "?cC[]=6". So your link should look as follows:[]=6

Or if you want to show the events in for instance categories 4 and 6:
Add  "?cC[]=4&cC[]=6" to the URL. Full link example:[]=4&cC[]=6

And so on . . .

Hope this helps.
Posted:  31 Dec 2013 01:56
Thank you so much! Works like a charm! wink thump_up