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Posted:  30 Dec 2013 17:22
Hi Roel,

Just upgraded to 3.2.0 and very happy about new fields, which I have added as 'Host' & 'RSVP by', both very useful biggrin

Just a couple of small issues:

1) You very kindly added a text download facility on the upcoming events. For some reason this is now giving a <br> after the two new text fields and the Category for example:-
Host: Ann<br>
RSVP by: 31 December 2013<br>
Category: Meal<br>

2) In the previous version I was able to add a text file defining the email list sent upon a new/changed event:-
Change distribution email on event creation/editing/deletion
- in event.php the variable $nml (Notification MaiL) is holding the email address(es) / address list(s) that should receive an email reminder.
- on line 177 $nml is set in case an event gets edited, so it's taken from the event record from the database
- on line 216 $nml is set to the value entered in the event form when a new event is added
So if you change line 216 to:
$nml = 'distribute';
and in this case there must be a file with email addresses (one per line) in a file called distribute.txt in the 'emlists' folder,
then when adding an event, this 'distribute' will be the default value.

Unfortunately I cannot see exactly where this change would be in the new version, so perhaps you could point me in the right direction.

As always, many thanks - John smile
Posted:  30 Dec 2013 20:58   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,

1) Text download facility:
When implementing the custom event fields and the flexible event layout I made a (small) mistake:
In the file views/upcoming.php in the middle of  line 59 change . . .

makeE($evt,'br',"<br>\n",'1234567') into makeE($evt,'br',"\n",'1234567')

in other words: remove the <br>. Thereafter the "<br>"s will be gone.

2) Email list:
Yes, the line numbers have changed in V3.2.0.
They're now 138 and 178 respectively. So if you change line 178 to
$nml = 'distribute';
it will take your file 'distribute.txt' in the 'emlists' folder again.

(If this was not what you wanted, please let me know.)

Posted:  31 Dec 2013 11:24
Hi Roel,

Thank you so much...

That has sorted those out biggrin

In fact, I thought that I had changed the second issue but it made no difference, it has now. It was probably 'server lag', I am experiencing that occasionally...


PS Happy new year! All the best for 2014 wink
Posted:  31 Dec 2013 12:08   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Thanks John.
Happy new year to you too!