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Posted:  24 Dec 2013 20:52   Last Edited By: suedebeatles
I have created two data base for two calendars with different nature of content as "Roster and Leave" & "Activities". see below...

When I open my localhost to view the Roster calendar then open the Activities Calendar, the link is correct but the name of the calendar in the "Activities Calendar' are same as the "Roster Calendar", both of the content of calendar are correct as different data base,  see below....

After that, I go to setting page to see the absolute path of the Calendar, it shows the wrong link(the roster link). see below...

May I know How to fix it issue?

Thanks! biggrin
Posted:  06 Jan 2014 19:49
I believe that this has something to do with your calendars have the same name. Take a look at your settings Calendar URL ”cal=mycal”  you might have to re-setup your calendars to change the name.

I had the same problem with a similar project but I am using three calendars but I am running  version 2.7.1 and this is how I fixed it for this version.

To fix the <title> find the header files in the canvas folder and just change them to what you want them to say.
Change on header1.php and headera.php  on line 63 to

echo '<span class="floatL">YOUR CALENDAR NAME HERE</span>

As for the settings I used phpmyadmin to change them.  And I commented the button out for the end user.
It looks like when you view calendars & settings a session (cookie or something) is created and you will have view incorrect calendar title and settings page when you view your calendars the way you are viewing them. The settings  and titles I found will be for the first calendar you open up. And the settings and titles are given out to all of your calendars, even if the DB has the correct settings.

So I made my setting the same for each calendar except the calendar url and I haven’t had a problem with it since the data entered always went to the correct db and it is always displayed to the correct calendar.  I haven’t tried this with a newer version yet because I am waiting until Roel adds drop and drag to his calendar before I upgrade.

Best of Luck!

Posted:  06 Jan 2014 20:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
If I understand you correctly, then the problem is that both calendars show the same title "Roster and Leave".

On the last screenshot of the admin's Settings page I can see that both the calendar title and calendar URL are wrong. How this happened I don't know, but I think the only thing you should do is:
On the Settings page of the Activities Calendar change (on the first 2 lines) the Calendar title to "Activities" and change the Calendar URL to "http://localhost/calendar-activities/?cal=mycal".

This should solve your problem, I hope.
Posted:  07 Feb 2014 05:47
Thanks Roel and Traviss reply!

I follow Traviss's solution, the issue of subject now is shown on the page correctly, but I found that another problem aren't fixed, see below:
The subject on the Tap is wrong, it should be Activities, not Roster...:

That is correct!

Also, the subject on the tap, Calendar title and Calendar URL are incorrect:

Please help, Thanks!biggrin
Posted:  08 Feb 2014 00:31   Last Edited By: traviss
In the header files change <title><?php echo $set['calendarTitle']; ?></title>
to <title>your title</title>

And in the header files you can basically do a search for $set['calendarTitle'] and replace it with your calendar name.
echo "<header>
    <span class='floatL'>{$set['calendarTitle']}</span><span class='floatR'>{$uname}</span><span class='noPrint'>".makeD(date("Y-m-d"),5)."</span>

echo "<header>
    <span class='floatL'>Your Title Here</span><span class='floatR'>{$uname}</span><span class='noPrint'>".makeD(date("Y-m-d"),5)."</span>

It is that $set['calendarTitle'] in the header files that causing it to work that way, but after you do this change you do not use setting anymore to change your calendar name you have to modify the header files.

Just don't get the header files for the different calendar mix up when you are making these changes.