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Posted:  23 Dec 2013 22:59
In our calendar we have 4 categories.  3 of which should be able to be add/edited by a certain individual, the 4th category we want to be only added/edited by 2 other people.  In other words person #1 would not have the opportunity to add or edit an item in category 4.

Is this possible?

Posted:  25 Dec 2013 13:43
Hi Jim,

There is currently no such feature.
Hard-coding it would not be too difficult, but it would be very inflexible. If you add or change categories or user profiles, you could get in trouble.

Posted:  26 Dec 2013 04:28
Thanks, maybe you can think on it for a year and come up with a flexible solution.

Posted:  26 Dec 2013 21:15
Hi Jim,

That's fair enough.