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Posted:  23 Dec 2013 12:45   Last Edited By: Roel B.
• Customizable event layout, two optional event fields and possibility to select what fields to display in the hover box with event details.
• Users with "manager" rights can manage user accounts and event categories via the Users and Categories pages. The admin manages the technical calendar settings.
• The log-in window has been replaced by a log-in page, which makes logging in on portable devices with a small screen easier.
• A Restore function has been added to the admin's Database page, which can restore the calendar database from back up files created with the back up feature.
• For logged in users the last used calendar configuration (Option Panel settings) is saved and will be restored when the user revisits the calendar.
• The Event window has a Print button and the Upcoming page has a downlosd button to download upcoming events in plain text format.
• When displaying exactly one month in Month view, the admin can select whether leading and trailing days falling outside the month are showing events.

New features:
1.Two optional event fields have been added which can be activated on the admin's Settings page. If activated, the fields will be added as a free format text field in the Event form and in all calendar views and pages. For each field the admin can specify a name which, if specified, will be displayed in front of the corresponding field.
2. On the admin's Settings page, the admin can specify which of the following event fields are in use and in which order they are displayed: venue, category, description, extra field 1, extra field 2, notify data (if email notification has been selected) and the date and time the event was added and edited, including the user who added / edited the event.
3. On the admin's Settings page, the admin can now specify which event fields should be shown in the hover box with event details on the normal calendar pages, in the mini calendar and in the stand-alone sidebar respectively.
4.  Users with 'manager' rights are now able to manage event categories and user accounts. However, they cannot delete users with admin rights and cannot assign admin rights to users.
5.  'Show event details' on the admin's Settings page can now also be set to "logged-in users".
6. ISO 639-1 language code has been added to the ui language file. This ISO language code is used to set the language in the <HTML>-tag in the page header. This code is used by search engines.
7.  For the admin pages and the Search page the "Go to calendar" button has moved to the navigation bar, which is more logical.
8.  New admin setting to disable / enable / enable-for-manager the Delete button in the Event window.
9.  The 'added' and 'last modified' dates have been extended with the time.
10. A restore function has been added to the admin's database page.
11. When the admin selects "0" rows for Month view, exactly one month will be shown with the leading and trailing dates blank. When the admin selects "1" rows for Month view, the leading and trailing dates of the month will not be blank and show events when present.
12. The log-in window has been replaced by a log-in page, which makes logging in on portable devices with a small screen easier.
13. A download button has been added to the Upcoming Events view, which, when selected, will download a text file with the currently displayed upcoming events. This text file can be used to cut and paste event data.
14. For identified (logged in) users, the last used calendar configuration (current page, user filter, cat filter and language) will be saved and will be restored when the user revisits the calendar at a later stage.

Minor changes
1. In the download script (used to download iCal files), the check on input parameter (file name) is now more strict to avoid abuse via directory traversal sequences. This was a vulnerability problem.
2. Because tablets have a sufficiently large screen, they have been excluded from the isMobile() function and consequently will display the calendar with the full header and thus all navigation bar function.
3. Warning added to the import CSV and import ICS pages to limit the number of imported events to 100 at a time. More events can cause PHP problems.
4. Regex for parsing the calendar URL improved, to allow for URLs with special characters and formats like 'localhost' and ip addresses.
5. On the admins Users page and in the login window user names may now contain utf-8 characters.
6. Backward history for automatic ical export function changed from -5 years to -1 week as specified in the LuxCal installation guide.
7. Print button added to the Event window.
8. The HTML code for popping up the hover box with events details simplified.

Bug fixes:
1. When in Week view and Day view the first row (All day) is clicked, then now the Event window will open with "All day" checked. In the past the times were set to 0:00 and 0:30, which was wrong.
2. To avoid event titles to disappear, the titles in Week and Day view are set to "no-wrap" for events with a height less than 21 pixels.
3. SMTP mail: "From" removed from SMTP header to avoid multiple 'From' headers. Multiple From headers are not permitted by RFC2822.
4. In Month view the day and month in the first day cell have no blue background anymore. The blue background is used consistently only for the first day of the months.
5. For privacy reasons the user filter menu in the Option Panel will never be visible to the 'public user'.
6. In Week and Day view multi-day events without start and end time (so All Day) are now shown on the first row (All Day) of the calendar. For multi-day events the start time can be left blank, which will then default to 0:00.
7. Problem with email headers solved. Too many quotes.
8. Undefined variable bug (using $ax instead of $xx) solved in the sendchg.php script.
9. In the iCal export scripts the following problems are fixed:
a) When folding lines of text for the export file, following the CRLF LuxCal the TAB was used as white space and has now been replaced by the SPACE character. Although a TAB is valid, some calendars don't like it.
b) In the RRULE, the UNTIL date/time format was wrong and has been corrected (e.g. 20130718T235900).
10. In file names and email subject fields, which are based on the calendar title, diacritics and invalid characters are removed.
11. On the Search page in the check box handling function a problem with calls with escaped single quotes solved. The single quotes didn't need escaping.
12.  In the sendchg.php script: Typo on line 54. $ax => $xx.
13. When exporting iCal files, problems solved with multi-byte unicode characters in the UID and description fields.
14. toolbox.php: Bug in makeD() function solved (2x $wkDay).
15. The hover-box position on the stand-alone side bar has been made independent of the parent page scrolling.
16. When exporting iCal files, the .ics file was created, but didn't download when there were special characters (single quote, double quote, etc.) in the calendar name.
17. The print function has been improved. After printing a page the page sometimes didn't fully revert back to the original layout.
18. Upco List button symbol on the navigation bar replaced. The square caused the other buttons on the navigation bar to be out of line in Firefox.
19. Vulnrability issue with index.php input variables 'current page' and 'current categories' solved.
20. On the log-in page, the state of the  'Remember me' check box (checked or not checked) was not properly kept.