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Posted:  16 Dec 2013 19:39
When a user configures their calendar view and then logs out/in the configuration is wiped and the user has to reconfigure their calendar for things like calendar view, user filters and category filters.

We are using Luxcal as our calendar for a medium sized organization and some of the users have expressed to me that they would very much like this feature.

The calendar is awesome though and I really appreciate having it. Keep up the good work!

Posted:  19 Dec 2013 22:15
Hello again,

Yes, we'll include this feature in the new LuxCal version 3.2.0!
The current admin possibility to select the default user interface language for each user profile will disappear. With the new feature the user can select a language, which will be remembered by the calendar.

Posted:  21 Dec 2013 12:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello again,

Due to unforeseen complications it's unfortunately too late to implement this feature in the new LuxCal version 3.2.0.
We'll work on a robust solution for this feature and include it in a next release.

PROBLEM SOLVED. This feature will be included in LuxCal version 3.2.0, which will be released shortly.

Posted:  03 Jan 2014 16:18
That's awesome! Thanks! biggrin
Posted:  06 Jan 2014 23:58
In LuxCal 3.2.0 this "remember last user session" (user session = Option Panel settings) feature is always active.  In the next LuxCal version the admin will be able to enable/disable this feature.