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Posted:  13 Dec 2013 09:18
Hi, Just want to know how can I show the end time of event on the calendar. Currently, only the start-time of event  be shown on the calendar, please help....

Many Thanks!
Posted:  13 Dec 2013 19:50   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

I assume you are using LuxCal version 3.1.2 and I assume you want to add the end time to the Month view and I assume you know that the start time and the end time are both displayed in the hover box with event details, but you still want the end time to show in front of the event title too.
If this is all correct, then a small program change is needed in one file, which I can implement for you.
Send me your email address via the Contact Us page and I will send you the changed file.

Posted:  22 Dec 2013 02:40
Thank you Roel, Yes, correct. I have sent my email address to you, please
Posted:  22 Dec 2013 18:42
Done, I've sent you the changed file.