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Posted:  02 Dec 2013 20:42
In the user profiles it has several options for the user rights.  Most are clear, but I can't find anything that tells what the "Manager Rights" includes.  How is that different than the Post All?
Posted:  03 Dec 2013 11:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Someone with 'manager' rights can - in addition to a 'Post All' user - do the following:

1. Change the owner of an event (in the Event window). So for instance a manager can create events for other users by creating an event and then assign an owner to it

2. Approve events created by other users. If an event category has been defined for which events need approval, then if an event is created with this category, it will not be visible to other users until the event has been approved by a user with manager rights. Until the event has been approved, it will be shown with a red bar on the left side (to indicate it needs approval before it will be visible to other users) and will only be visible to the owner and to users with manager rights.

3. In LuxCal 3.2.0, which will be released later this month: Users with manager rights will have access to the Categories and Users pages, which are currently only available to the admin. So in the future managers will be able to manage event categories and user accounts. The role remaining for the admin will be the more technical calendar settings.

Hope this helps. Roel