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Posted:  28 Oct 2013 12:23
Hi Roel,

Now this is an aspiration biggrin

Instead of printing out the upcoming events, is it possible to export this as a text file or similar?

We have a monthly e-newsletter which would be made much easier if it was possible to cut & paste the next month's worth of events directly into it.

Thanks as always thump_up

Posted:  03 Nov 2013 20:29
Hi John,

My first thought, I'm sure, you don't want to know wink
But . . . it may add value to the calendar, so I'm giving it a second thought.

I need to see if this can be done in a easy, user friendly way. This will take one or two days . . .
Posted:  04 Nov 2013 10:51
Thanks Roel even if it turns out to be a non-starter..

At the moment I cut & paste from the upcoming view, and then spend ages reformatting it to look ok in our newsletter. sadsad

Posted:  04 Nov 2013 13:06
Hi John,

I did a few tests and believe exporting the displayed upcoming events can be done rather easily.
I propose to add a button "Download" to the Upcoming Events page and, when selected, download a text file with the currently displayed upcoming events.
The file will be a text file with the dates and events more or less formatted as on the UpCo page, but indenting will be done by means of spaces.
What do you think?


PS. Send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) and I will send you some changed files in a couple of days time.
Posted:  05 Nov 2013 11:55
Hi Roel,

Well that seems to work perfectly biggrinbiggrin

(I have only made a few pernickety changes; eg 'Venue' to 'Location' (less Americanism...) and removing the option email at a later date as cannot process cron jobs (and all the cron websites I have tried have not worked...).

Thank you so very much, the text format is ideal as formatting can be such a pain with Word...

Kind regards - John