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Posted:  24 Oct 2013 16:38
Hi all,

first of all congratulations for the wonderful calendar-script - and apologize for my bad English wink

I have two questions:

1) How to insert a logo in the header section above the calendar's title? I suppose this works with an entry in canvas/header. But there are a lot of "header"-files in the folder "canvas". I have tried 3 of them, but no logo will be shown.

2) As my calendar works only as an information platform I do not need some options in the navigation on the right side beyond the title, like "search" and something else. How can I remove them?

Many thanks for helpful ideas!
Yours, Karin
Posted:  24 Oct 2013 22:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Karin,

Your English ist viel besser als mein Deutsch wink

1. Logo in header section
You are right, there are several headers in the canvas folder:
header0.php - for a calendar displayed without a header (hdr=o in the URL)
header1.php - the main header for a normally displayed calendar
headerm.php - for a calendar displayed on a mobile device with a reduced screen size
headera.php - for a calendar displayed for a user with admin rights
headere.php - for a the calendar's event window
headerh.php - for the calendar's help window
So if you want to add a logo to the header of the main calendar, then you should add it to the file header1.php.
But be careful: the two top lines (title bar and navbar) may not shift down, because if they move down, the navigation bar will shift behind the scrollable area of the calendar. So you can add a small (the height of the title bar) logo to the title bar without problems, but if you really want to add a bigger logo to the top, some tweaking in the styles sheet will be needed.
Give me some further details of what you exactly want to do, and I will help you.

2. Removing options in the navigation bar
On the admin's Settings page, under General, you can disable the Todo button and the Upcoming button. And on the same page,  under Options Panel, you can switch off a number of options in the Options Panel. If you want to remove more things from the navbar, some minor program changes will be needed. Let me know which ones you want to remove and I will tell you how to do it.

What LuxCal version are you using?

Grüße, Roel
Posted:  25 Oct 2013 17:20   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Griaß Di Roel,

many thanks for your compliment and your immediate help. I will write in English because I suppose, the most users are english spoken people and maybe someone will help my comment. I use version 3.1.2

As you mentioned in your reply to insert a bigger logo is tricky. But I prowdly present: Glockenbach-Kurier Calendar. To give a step for step instruction is very difficult, but if someone else is interested in I will give it - without any guarantee of the correct sequence of the steps - I have worked some hours wink Two files have to be changed:

- canvas/header1.php
- css/css.php

In "lctheme.php" I only changed some colors, font sizes and so on.

The most curious effect was the handling with the "content"-div. It overlays for example the Navibar and no link in it has worked after inserting my logo which needs more height as the original title bar! So I placed the content-div with "margin-top" as much as I need it to a lower position until it begins beneath the Navibar. The following divs of the table has to be positioned, too.

According to your instruction I have inactivated some entries via admin section. Another (help function) I have commented out in "header1.php".

So, all is working fine. The layout of the search side I will adapt later.

Now I ... attention: This is German language:
Trinke ich ein gepflegtes Weißbier auf Dein ausgefeilgtes Kalenderskript! thump_up

Yours, Karin
Posted:  26 Oct 2013 15:14
Das sieht sehr gut aus Karin! Du bist ein Experte!

Ok, und dann trinke ich diese Abend ein Glas Rotwein auf dein fabelhaftes Glockenbach-Kurier Terminkalender wink