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Posted:  19 Oct 2013 15:59
I would like to have options for these:

-log in with email (as i don't collect emails, i want this off)
-send email notifications (luckily there is an option to disable email-service)
-require email when registering (in my current setup admin is the only one, who can create new accounts.)

In current version, the email is required and if you have an existing email in the database, you cant register. This is what I don't need.

If you could make a tickbox for those, I would be very grateful :)
Posted:  20 Oct 2013 06:51

They can log in with a user name or email address. Since you are the only one that can add users you can add them with a user name and simply make up an email address since you don't use them.

Some examples: user name johnsmith
user name tallperson

As long as you put in something that looks like an email address when creating the user you can add the account.

Since the email addresses will be fake they can't do a password reset if they forget their password. They will need to contact you to change their password and give it to them.

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Posted:  28 Oct 2013 18:54   Last Edited By: laamanni
Yes I noticed that, thanks.
But first we put the same email address to every account. This email redirects to blackhole.
After that I noticed, I can login with any account if it know their password... Which I do.
I think I removed the double-email check so I could make whatever Email I wanted.

Sure I can do a workaround and change every email to a random string that resembles a valid email...

But I'd rather edit the .php and remove ability to login with email.. Who uses emails these days? thump_down