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Posted:  13 Oct 2013 17:56
A few years ago I installed two LuxCal calendars (version 2.61) on a church website - they've worked brilliantly.  But earlier this week something happened to one of them and, as I tried to fix it, I accidentally deleted the database.  That's what I get for working at 2 in the morning ohmy 

Anyway, I reinstalled version 2.61, but when I tried to edit the css.php file with the saved code I'd kept after making colour modifications back then, it didn't work.  The css.php code looks completely different now to what was written a few years ago - even for the same version.  Back then, there was a section for changing the colours for backgrounds, headers, etc.  It looked like this:



header("Expires: ".gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", (time()+900)) . " GMT");


define("BGND1","#F2F2F2"); // background top
define("BGND2","#76A4BC"); // background body
define("BGND3","#317B9B"); // navbar / endbar / th / celltops
define("BGND4","#FFFFFF"); // sidebar
define("BGND5","#C0C0C0"); // overlays
define("BGND9","#F6358A"); // error / warning msg
define("BGNDA","#FFFFBB"); // grid - time / weeknr column
define("BGNDB","#FFFFEE"); // grid - weekday 1
define("BGNDC","#FFFFDD"); // grid - weekday 2
define("BGNDD","#FFFFEE"); // grid - weekend 1
define("BGNDE","#FFFFDD"); // grid - weekend 2
define("BGNDF","#FDFDFD"); // grid - outside month
define("BGNDG","#FFFFDD"); // grid - today
define("LINE1","#808080"); // lines
define("BORD1","1px solid #808080"); // borders
define("BORD2","2px solid #FCAB24"); // border today
define("TEXT1","#2B3856"); // normal text
define("TEXT2","#888888"); // text in cells
define("FORMT","#666666"); // form input text
define("FONT1","arial, helvetica, sans-serif");
define("FONT2","tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif");

I can't find this anywhere in the new code.  I really need to customize this "new" calendar I've installed to be consistent with the old one.  Can someone help me, please?
Posted:  14 Oct 2013 11:06   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

You're looking in the wrong file wink
You can customize the user interface by editing the file css/lctheme.php.

Posted:  14 Oct 2013 18:56
Oh, thank you!