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Posted:  11 Oct 2013 19:35   Last Edited By: randm
I accidentally deleted the database for one of my calendars  sad  so I decided I would just install the newest version of LuxCal to take its place - but, I'm having trouble.  I have extracted the files from the calendar and toolbox zip files into directories on my hard drive.  The problem I'm having is that I can't seem to upload those files to the folder on my server.  I distinctly remember doing this in the past - when, with an earlier version of LuxCal, we had to first create folders on the server for Lang, Views, etc.  But when I click on the upload button in my file manager and navigate to the LuxCal temporary folder on my desktop, the only "supported files" showing are four HTML files in the directory - nothing else.

I tried with two different hosts, same problem, so I know it's something I must be overlooking.  Can you offer any assistance?  Thanks in advance!
Posted:  12 Oct 2013 11:13

I normally use Filezilla for uploading to the server, I'm not familiar with the file manager you are speaking about so I can't offer much help. I would suspect it might be a filter setting if you used the file manager before to upload the files.

If you are using the file manager in your hosting account for GoDaddy it sucks, get Filezilla. Just download the client, you don't need the server.

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Posted:  13 Oct 2013 17:39
Hey, thanks.  I was just using the upload tool in the File Manager of my host's control panel - but I discovered the problem was that I had their site open in Firefox.  Once I tried again through Internet Explorer, I had no issues. 

I just downloaded Filezilla the other day - hadn't used it before.  It's pretty slick! 

Have a great day!
Posted:  18 Oct 2013 03:57
Once you get use to using Filezilla you'll love it. If you have multiple websites it's great. It's fast, you can edit files within it, set file attributes and much more.
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at