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Posted:  10 Oct 2013 10:09
Hi Roel,

I feel stupid, lost my admin password and the send new password function does not work...

What to do?
Posted:  10 Oct 2013 12:34

I don't know if this will work. I can think of two solutions that might work.

1. Use phpMyAdmin to remove the password from your account so it is blank so you can log in.

2. Register as a new user. Use phpMyAdmin to change the user category to the same as your admin account so it is also an admin account. After you log in you could then change your password within LuxCal.

I hope this helps.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  10 Oct 2013 19:59   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,

Solution 2 may work, but be aware that user id 0 and 1 are reserved user ids:
user id 0 = public access (not logged in users)
user id 1 = generic admin (the admin profile, which can't be deleted)

The password cannot be reverse-engineered, so if you can't remember it, it's lost.
In my post below you'll find a way to overcome this problem.

Posted:  11 Oct 2013 10:50
I would appreciate  to receive this encrypted password ....via email
Posted:  11 Oct 2013 22:15   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ok, you've lost your LuxCal password . . . don't panic!

On the Log In page of the calendar you can enter your email address and ask the calendar for a new password.
Alternatively, if you have direct access to the LuxCal MySQL database, you can also copy the following code string to the 'password' field of a user profile in the 'users' table of the calendar database:

Password code string: ca79e0713dd3d6aae4664e6aac90ad8c

Thereafter the password for that user will be reset to "luxcal".