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Posted:  28 Sep 2013 16:40
I use the sidebar bit in my website to list next event, who is running it and the theme for the day, but i have had to move hosts and now every event has All day before it or the time. this wasn't included before but i cannot see where to remove it. Also i need the yellow writing smaller, can you guide me to where this is.

Posted:  28 Sep 2013 16:54   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dave,

I assume your're using the latest LuxCal release 3.1.2!

Remove "All Day" / time:
This has always been there. If you want to remove this line with "all Day" or the time alltogether, you should edit the file lcsbar.php as follows:
change line 105 from


<div class='ssb_gen ssb_evtTime'>{$evtTime}</div>\n<div class='ssb_gen ssb_evtTitle'{$eStyle}>{$eTitle}</div>


<div class='ssb_gen ssb_evtTitle'{$eStyle}>{$eTitle}</div>

Decrease font of yellow writing:
This can be done in the file css/css_sbar.php on line 30.