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Posted:  27 Sep 2013 22:56
Hi Roel,

It's your favourite Local Scoop person again.  I'm just getting to the new calendar installation now.  But I'm rebuilding the site in WordPress so the calendar has to live there.  I've been able to get the calendar into a WordPress page and displaying nicely, but I'd like to put the new and cool Upcoming Events mini-calendar in the WordPress sidebar on the home page. 

The first problem I've run into is coding an "include" inside WordPress.  After quite a bit of searching and reading, this appears to be the proper way to code it (see: - using a regular include php statement doesn't work. In my case the calendar folder is in my theme folder (I tried it outside the theme as well but it seems easier to get to it with WordPress code this way):

include( trailingslashit( get_stylesheet_directory() ) . 'calendar/lcsbar.php' );

If this line is included in the functions.php file it briefly pulls up the Events page by itself and then writes it at the top of the WordPress page - outside the sidebar and all the rest of the WordPress content even though the rest of the code is in the sidebar.php file.  If I put the include line where you have it in the sidebar page it produces this error message: SQL error. See 'logs/mysql.log'

Has anyone been able to do this in WordPress yet?  Anybody know the secret?

Posted:  12 May 2014 20:26
Hi Charles,

On my family Wordpress blog page I have 2 mini-calanders displays (current month and next month) and 1 side-bar of upcoming events. It works flawlessly except for 2 concerns.
1. Hover details doesn't work on upcoming events sidebar.
2. I have been unable to get calendar users to be invisibly signed-in, they have to click a few buttons.

To get the mini-cals and upcoming events on the Wordpress page, I did the following
1. In Wordpress, goto dashboard/appearance/widgets
2. Drag a 'Text' widget to a wordpress sidebar.
3. Add text to the widget similar to:

<iframe id="lcmini2" src="/calendar/lcmini2.php?"></iframe>

<iframe id="lcmini" src="/calendar/lcmini.php?oM=1"></iframe>

<iframe  src="/calendar/lcsbar.php?hdr=0&cP=7"></iframe>

4. Pretty it up and have fun with it.
Posted:  13 May 2014 15:43
Hi there,

Let us know what LuxCal version you are using.
And could you send us (via the Contact Us page) the URL of your family blog with the upcoming events sidebar, so that I can see more details?
Are you sure that on the admin's Settings page the hover box with event details for the sidebar has not been disabled?