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Posted:  26 Sep 2013 16:50

Loving the support for multiple calendars, but I was wondering if is possible to add a custom theme to each calendar? My users like to have a custom theme with their calendar.

Posted:  26 Sep 2013 17:40
Hi Aaron,

I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "theme", if it's different colours for background, titlebar etc. those features don't exist that I'm aware of.

The category colours can be customized to be different if you like in each calendar but I believe that is it.

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Posted:  26 Sep 2013 18:04
Yes, that's what I meant. For my users using v.2.7.1 I have separate installations of the calendar sharing a database and just configure the default theme (colors, background, logos ect..) for each instance of calendar.

It would be nice to see an option to add different "themes" to different calendars.
Posted:  28 Sep 2013 16:41   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Aaron,

Currently there is only one css/lctheme.php file per installation, where the user interface can be customized.
In case of multiple calendars sharing the same database, it would not be too difficult to have multiple css/lctheme.php files, one for each calendar. The calendar id specified in the URL could be easily used to include the associated css/lctheme.php file in the HTML <head>-section of the calendar pages.
I'm very busy at the moment, but maybe there is someone around here who is willing to implement this for you.