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Posted:  12 Sep 2013 00:16
Hi Roel,

I am setting up two more internal calendar for work, and the option button isn't clickable on one of the calendars, so we can't changes the views. the other calendar calendar works fine. any idea what file or settings I screwed up?

Posted:  12 Sep 2013 11:32
Hi Travis,
More details please.
If the Options button is visible, but not clickable, it looks like JavaScript is not working (in the browser on the client computer).
If the Options button is not visible, and consequently not clickable, it may have shifted down behind the calendar body. This can happen if you add something to the calendar header part without paying attention.

If you send me a  URL, I can probably tell you more.
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 16:08
HI Roel,

The option button is there but doesn't do anything when you click on it. I am working on tabs with different calendars in each tab, One calendar works fine the other one doesn't work.

Posted:  12 Sep 2013 16:43
So the button works in IE but not chrome.
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 18:56
Hi Roel,

So I just reinstall the calendar and it is working fine now, Don't ask me what I changed cause I have no idea maybe I had a corrupted file?

Posted:  08 Nov 2013 16:30
Bumping this thread as I am having the same issue. In FF, IE, and Safari, the buttons will work, but in Chrome, but buttons will not work.

They are visible to the user but not clickable.
Posted:  09 Nov 2013 00:24
Hi there,

I just checked v3.1.2 of my test calendars in Chrome and have no problem.
Can you click the buttons on the LuxCal Demo calendar of this site? If not it looks like JavaScript is not enabled in your Chrome browser.

Posted:  09 Nov 2013 00:27
I am able to click the buttons on the LuxCal Demo calendar. The mouse pointer can be anywhere on the button and I'm able to select it on the Demo. I've recently noticed in Chrome that I am able to click the buttons, but my mouse pointer has to be at the top of the button until it changes to the hand which then allows me to select it.