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Posted:  08 Sep 2013 03:24   Last Edited By: Jdell
When you double click on a event it pops up the details/edit box.

My user currently copies and pastes that into a Word document and gives it to the different people that are involved in the event so they can make sure the supplies are ordered and people scheduled to work.

It would be nice to print the event directly from that popup.

Posted:  11 Sep 2013 11:34
Hi Jim,

Looks like a good idea! I will put this on the todo list for the next release.

Posted:  14 Sep 2013 12:56
Hi Roel,

That is an excellent feature request. While a lot may not need to print the details I'm sure there are many installations where this would be an needed feature.

Thank you for putting this on your todo list for the next release.

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Posted:  15 Sep 2013 03:22
I'll will be looking for it in a future release.