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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Danish Characters (ÆØÅ æøå and space) in usernames
Posted:  07 Sep 2013 20:33
How do i allow the above ? - Have been looking as an idiot, but can´t find the solution.

Can anyone help??
Posted:  10 Sep 2013 18:44
Hmm, not many reply´s maybee i´m too stupid wink
Posted:  11 Sep 2013 11:26   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,

Currently only ASCII letters are allowed in the user name.
Allowing Danish and other UTF-8 letters will require the following minor change to the file pages/users.php:

(assuming you are using LuxCal 3.1.2)

On lines 151 and 172 change

if (!preg_match("/^[ws._-]{2,}$/", $uname)) { $msg = $ax['usr_un_invalid']; break; }


if (!preg_match("/^[ws._-]{2,}$/u", $uname)) { $msg = $ax['usr_un_invalid']; break; }

In other words: just add the letter "u" directly after the second slash.

If you are using "user self registration", you should also add the letter "u" after the second slash on line 80 of the file pages/login.php.

That will do the trick.
Posted:  23 Sep 2013 15:54   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ahhh, thanks a lot, i'll do that change and see if it´s working smile

Seems to Work, thank you ! Can the changes be done to users password too ?

(Not using "user self registration").

Best regards

Posted:  28 Sep 2013 16:24
Hi Steen,
User passwords have no restrictions and accept UTF-8 characters.
Posted:  07 Oct 2013 15:06   Last Edited By: Hjorten
Hi Again Roel (and others).

Many thanks for the replys, that gives me something to think about.

Q) is it possibly to use allready logged in users (in another systen) to the Calendar ? Something like passing usernames and password to the Calendar? And if yes, how do i do that ?

Keep up the good Work thump_up
Posted:  07 Oct 2013 18:26
Hi Steen,

Yes, that's possible. See installation_guide.html section 5f - Single Sign On (SSO).

Cheers, Roel