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Posted:  06 Sep 2013 14:18
I can see my photos in RSS using a web browser, but they are not displayed correctly in an RSS feed reader.
And also, the pictures are not displayed correctly in emails either.

my code is <img src="_graphics/images/pict.jpg" border="0" height="100" width="100">.
then I tried <img src="" border="0" height="100" width="100">

What is correct formatting to display pictures in RSS and emails?

Posted:  07 Sep 2013 16:39   Last Edited By: DavenLC
I read the HELP when hovering.  it says to put thumbnail in "/thumbnails" and just add the name of the file as long as it's .jpg, .png, or .gif.   
I changed my coding from <img src="_graphics/images/pict.jpg" border="0" height="100" width="100">. to just
pict.jpg and moved the pict.jpg to the "/thumbnails" folder.

The pictures still show in RSS when viewing with a Web browser, but they do not show in an email or a RSS Reader.

Any help with this?