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Posted:  26 Aug 2013 00:14

I'm currently evaluating this software for use by a community of approximately 10,000 users (though there are well over 250,000 registered but not all are active). This software could be used by us for our members to post items on the calendar for scheduling online activities, but there are some minor issues I'm having trouble getting around and was wondering if you could help.

Ideally, we need the software to be usable by anybody and so anybody can 'suggest' events (i.e. post to the calendar but they stay hidden). Then our moderators could review the submission and if it's suitable approve it for viewing.

Secondly, is there a way of integrating this software with other calendar software - some of it bespoke (i.e. pull data in via XML as well as push it out as it already does now)?

Thirdly, I'd recommend a new access level (superadmin) which has everything the current admin grade has, however on the normal admin level the server end controls are blocked out (i.e. have admin for just category and user/access management) - if you do progress this, remember to stop admins from selecting superadmin level access for themselves or others.

Thanks for your help thump_up
Posted:  27 Aug 2013 12:30   Last Edited By: Gork
Oooh, this sounds interesting...  10,000 users?!  Talk about hitting the mother lode eh Roel?  Show us what your excellent script can do!!  ;)
Posted:  27 Aug 2013 23:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Hangman,
The LuxCal calendar has a number of access levels, which can be assigned to individual users as well as to not identified users. The  Manager access level, introduced in the last version 3.1.2, does exactly what uou are asking. You can specify per event category if events in this category need approval; if so, events in this category will only become visible to other users after manager approval.

The calendar can automatically export evebts daily in a  iCal (.ics) file. Pulling data in automatically is not possible (yet).

Hhmm, you may be right. I could give the "manager" access to all "user related" settings and the administrator would keep access to all "technical" settings. I'll think about this one.

@Gork: Ready for some further beta testing wink