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Posted:  24 Aug 2013 04:01
I set up the mini a couple weeks ago, and everything has been fine in both ie8 and ffx - until this morning, when,

Using ie8: the header nav row of links disappears (behind the photo) and error dialog appears:

"object doesnt support this property or method... ( ...   line 12 char 29 )"

Using ffx: everything normal

Error seems to point here:
"<script>window.onload = function() {parent.setHeight(document.body.scrollHeight);}</script>"

If I comment it out, the error goes away, but the nav links are still messed up.

Baffling, since I haven't touched the code ...

This is my first time delving into the "CMS" app "concrete5" - maybe it updated something?

Thanks in advance...