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Posted:  19 Aug 2013 17:57

I am trying to open an exported .ics file from my online calendar into VueMinder.

However VueMinder comes up with an error:-
Error processing "C:UsersJohnAppDataLocalTempplymouthivc-20130819-1648-1.ics"...

The error is: iCalDateTime.Parse cannot parse the value '2013-12-17' because it is not formatted correctly.

It also suggests that I run the .ics file through the validator at

This is giving the following result:-
Sorry, your calendar could not be parsed.
Error:     Error was: Error at line 83: null
Cause:     Caused by: null
Context for line 83:
80:     UID:20130105T190000ZTwel-LuxCal@
81:     SUMMARY:Twelth Night
82:     DESCRIPTION:Come and celebrate the last night of Christmas. Soup & nibbles prov
83:     ided, BAB. Contact Patrick.
84:     CATEGORIES:Home Event
85:     LOCATION:Milehouse Road
86:     DTSTART;TZID=Europe/London:20130105T190000

It always shows the first event in the calendar as a problem, even when I have deleted previous ones.

Any ideas? ohmy

Kind regards - John
Posted:  19 Aug 2013 22:25   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi John,
Why VueMinder says that '2013-12-17' is not formatted correctly is a mystery to me. This date is in ISO format and that is what it should be. Unfortunately no line number is mentioned.
The validator error is probably caused by a missing space or tab character. Line 83 in your post should start with a space or tab character, which I don't see.

Would it be possible to send me the .ics file to me by email (the email address on the Contact Us page), so that I can have a detailed look at the file content?

Posted:  20 Aug 2013 16:52
Hi Roel,

Of course...

Thanks for your prompt response... smile

Posted:  20 Aug 2013 18:01
Fantastic Roel!

Works perfectly now!

Thank you so much.

Kind regards - John cool