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Posted:  14 Aug 2013 13:13
Currently, which is fantastic feature, we can install multiple calendars within the same SQL database. Each calendar can have completely different settings and be totally unique or you can have them all the same.

I'm wondering if the feature to have multiple locations like categories within the same calendar might be useful to people?

The beauty of the way Roel / LuxCal has categories is you can have none or even 100. I know I can rename categories but I'd like to keep them.

Here is my thought or idea. Say I live in a county and I want a calendar for the cities and towns in that county or I have sports game theme based calendar for my city. The location for the first one would be the name of the city or town. For the second example the location would be the different stadiums or places where the events are played.

I know the venue allows for the address but there isn't a quick way to filter it.

With the examples above, using the location, I can log in and I can see all the events are in St Thomas 22km away. Using the location with category, just the garage sales in Dorchester 16km away.

With the sporting events I can see what games are being played only in my town, and just the soccer games playing in Bertrix.

If it's something that people can use, well worth it, and might not be too difficult to code. The location filter could be put beside the category filter under options.

If you wanted to take it a step further to make it even easier for users, on the menu bar, have two menu items, "By Location" "By Category".

Again just a thought, I wasn't sure how many could use and want this feature. It gives a lot of the benefits of multiple calendars without multiple installations or requiring a separate log in for each calendar.

"Little Guy"
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Posted:  14 Aug 2013 23:32
Hi Dan,

I confirm that venue could be changed by a list of locations without change the database but it would be better to have a table of locations in database.

The filter by location could be a good thing also.

Personally, I have also need of this feature, if not present on 3.2.0, I think I would take time to propose a patch.

JL, luxcal french user, test luxcal on my site
Posted:  05 Oct 2016 09:54
I brought this up in 2013 and wondered if any others could use the "Location" feature in addition to categories?
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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Posted:  05 Oct 2016 17:33   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Dan

I think it is a great idea.

It seems that Roel has "prepared" the venue field for a kind of selection. I think it is an index field, so regarding performance, it would maybe be fairly simple for Roel to make a parameter selection for the Venue. This would do, that You could set up a calendar for Town1 ( town1 as a venue-filter for that calendar setup ) and another calendar ( it is the same calendar ) that are set up for town2. You can in "both" calendars register events with venues town1 and town2, but when updating You will in the calendar with setup town1 only see events for town1. This is the simple version and it will ONLY show events where the value of the venue field matches the parameter. When You type in the venue field the possible matching values will be shown.

A better solution would be that You ( as JL 1978 suggests ) have the venue values in the database. Maybe a copy from the category but with venues.
It would be great, if You had the same possibilities as for the category. If You only had a "name" in the database, there would by time be some that wanted more and more of the possibilities that the category offers, so maybe it could be the best to have a duplicate of the category - just a thought.

There could be a possibility to setup a parameter for a venue, and then You could only register events with this venue(s). This way You can with one single calendar set it up so it seems as You have many separate calendars - AND when You already USE multicalendars, You can have a lot of locations, venues and categories.

Kind regards
Posted:  05 Oct 2016 18:29

A new selection would solve the "problem" with the different choices when using categories for booking.
You can have different categories/ressources, but only 4 different activities for a ressource ( subcategories ) as it is now.
With a possible new selection You will have many.

Could be a hairdresser that has 3 chairs/employees.

When using The categories as a ressource (chair/employee ) There will be check for the ressource to be free.
Then the venue could be used for activity : cutting, coloring and so on.

Kind regards
Posted:  05 Oct 2016 21:10

Maybe for a start it would/could be enough with a possibility to select on venue, via a startup-parameter and/or via the options panel ?

And then - if/when additional wishes for the use then ...........

Kind regards
Posted:  06 Oct 2016 12:08
Hello Schwartz,

If as mentioned the category section was duplicated and used for locations etc it could used as a selection or filter. With the introduction of sub-categories you could have sub-locations so for example you could now have Ontario (Province) or Florida (State) and as sub-locations the cities in each. For your hairdresser services you could have colour or highlights.

In order to provide flexibility without having to edit core files, label names could be stored in the database. So instead of Location it could be Service etc.

Kind regards,
"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

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